Maximum level

Up to $11 per lot

We provide the best service to deliver WL customers.

About IB

The IB program is the referral program that we offer.
In the FX industry, referral brokers, affiliates, and those who introduce us are called IB, and the referral program is the IB program.
By introducing WL, we will offer rewards to partners according to the transaction volume.

Benefits of the WL IB program

We will offer a maximum of $12 per lot (100,000 currency), which is the largest in the FX industry.

  • 1.Maximum payout with no maximum referral reward
  • 2.Pay rewards speedily every month
  • 3.IB-only support window established
  • 4.Providing promotional banner material
  • 5.Issuing Website Affiliate Code

Provision of MAM account

MAM (Multi Account Manager) is aimed at traders who have customers We are providing it.
You can also customize the settings of each reward to the needs of IB partners. You will receive a high standard of reward in a more flexible environment.

About IB, please contact us from LINE.

should you have any inquiries,please contact us via LINE.