PHILOSOPHY 圧倒的な利便性を追及した

  • 最大レバレッジ999倍
  • 日本語が堪能なスタッフのスピーディーかつ最高品質のサポート体制
  • 1ロット最大11ドルの業界最高水準のアフィリエイト報酬



  • 最大レバレッジ999倍


  • 取引手数料無料


  • ゼロカット対応


  • 高機能トレーディングツールWebトレーダーでのお取引


  • 安心の約定力


  • 充実のボーナス体系


  • お客様第一優先の運営


総取引量Total trading volume


総約定金額Total contract amount





Account opening

  • What documents are needed for proof of identity?

    To prove your identity, you will need a photo ID and a document that proves your address.

    Please register the following documents from the member page.

    -Driver’s license
    -My Number card (notification card not accepted)

    -Public utility invoice
    -Credit card company or mobile phone company invoice
    -Unexpired National Public Health Insurance card
    -Others [documents that list the registrant’s name and address]
    *The document must be different than the one submitted as a photo ID.

  • How long will it take to open an account?

    It will take around 5 minutes to open an account for trading with WL.

  • Is it possible to open a corporate account?

    We are not accepting applications for new corporate accounts.

Deposits and withdrawals

  • How do I deposit funds?

    1. Log in to the member page.
    2. Go to the deposit procedures page from the “Deposits and Withdrawals” page.
    3. A designated deposit account will be displayed, so deposit your desired amount into that account.

    The balance will be reflected on MT4 when the remittance is confirmed.
    If the balance is not reflected after 3 business days, please contact our customer support.

  • How do I withdraw funds?

    1. Log in to the member page.
    2. Go to the withdrawal procedures page from the “Deposits and Withdrawals” page.
    3.Register the bank account information to which the withdrawal will be remitted.

    Confirm the withdrawal information. If there are no issues, then the withdrawal process will be completed within 5 business days, in principle.
    If the withdrawal is not reflected after 5 business days, please contact our customer support.

  • How much is the withdrawal fee when withdrawing to a bank account?

    The fee for withdrawing funds from your balance is 2% of the amount that is being withdrawn.


  • What is the maximum transaction amount for each order?

    The maximum transaction amount for each order (1 ticket) is 50 lots.

  • Can I hold opposing positions at the same time?

    You can do this within the same account, but you may not do it across several accounts.

  • Is it possible to lose more than what I deposited?

    If your balance is negative, we will use negative balance protection so that you will not lose more than what you deposited.