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WL values customers' smiles and puts the highest priority on improving customer satisfaction.
For a better future for our customers, we will create 'the best imagination' and 'the best service' 'the best smile' regardless of local culture or common sense.
In order to be the world's leading company in the foreign exchange trading industry that brings smiles to customers, we will provide services with 'Reliability', 'fairness', and 'stability', and constantly take on the challenge of "innovation" with ingenuity.


  • Why we exist

    In order to provide a sound exchange trading environment to people all over the world, we have a solid infrastructure and operate with a perfect system. We will continue to fulfill our mission as a top broker loved by our customers.

  • assurance of the soundness of the company

    We will conduct business operations with a sense of tension by always providing visibility to third parties, including the legitimacy of transactions, accuracy of rate distribution, and fund management.

Why choose WL

7 characteristics of WL

  • Maximum leverage of 999:1

    WL offers the highest level transaction environment in the industry with a 999:1 leverage
    (leverage varies depending on account balance).

  • No transaction fees

    WL does not charge transaction fees or account maintenance fees

  • Negative balance protection

    WL does not charge transaction fees or account maintenance fees
    If your account balance goes negative, WL will reset it to zero.

  • Compatible with MT4 and web trades

    WL answer to the needs of its customers by offering various trading environments

  • Stable execution

    WL will strive for high execution and steady rate distributions

  • Substantial bonus system

    WL offers competitive deposit bonuses
    (100% bonus for up to USD 1,000)

  • Customer first operations

    WL is constantly working to improve convenience and is always evolving